Episode 2 of Ill Touch Myself If I Want To

It wasn’t until some time in 2017 that I learned that babies do indeed masturbate in vitro.


Did you know that? 

I heard it, and was fascinated by it, but was not in the least surprised.  I feel as though I have always been a sexual being, and I do mean always.


When I was younger, my mom never hesitated to break out that old familiar story at the family barbecue, about how she and daddy had to stop leaving me in the second-row car seat alone after that trip to the beach when they forgot to bring extra diapers.


They’d been chatting and singing along when they realized I’d been quiet the entire ride from Goodman’s bay to prince Charles.


Daddy adjusted the rearview mirror, and mum turned to find me with one leg in my mouth and one hand in a special place, a gummy smile of delight painted on the mouth that held my chubby toes.


Reportedly, I bawled for two hours after she swatted my hand away; unable to reclaim my new toy.


I hated that story when I was a teenager. 


Now though, I recognize that sensuality is a thing we are connected to and totally aware of even in our innocence.


It is only after we are painted by society’s ideas of taboo that we begin to feel shame in the beauty of our connection to the pleasures our bodies are able to give.


In 2017, I learned a fundamental truth that led me to shed a learned understanding that fed the foundation of the burning self-confidence that fuels me today.

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