POV: The universe aligns and provides you with your best sex partner 🤤

An anonymous take..

POV: The universe aligns and provides you with your best sex partner 🤤

POV: The universe aligns and provides you with your best sex partner 🤤

Delivered to me, amazon prime style, a six foot 11, kinky-haired, hot and tempting package; no bow, just raw, sleek, hard material.. A partner who thoroughly enjoys the act of pleasing and being pleased but most importantly LOVESS to deliver unadulterated, uninterrupted pleasure.

Our third encounter is when he received a new name. I'd never tell him from my own lips but he will always be labeled by this name in my books.

Our sessions always start with passionate kisses that lead to him grabbing my throat.  Those panty-wetting, cock-hardening kisses always lead to one clit-fluttering statement…”time to eat”.

Consistent but exhilarating, I’m then picked up off the floor and laid on the bed.

Unaccustomed to this veracity, our initial encounters always lead to me moving frequently because it came as such a shock.. the way his tongue maneuvers.

After our second session he asked me,

“Do you really want me to please you? If so next time you have to stop moving.”

At the third session, I said to myself, "okay bitch you’re not moving!" I repeated to myself, "Relax relax relax."

I found myself doing just that as his tongue danced and spelt out my name, the alphabet challenge on live and in living color!

Lost in the suction of this mouth; fevered by the audible slurp and swallow of devouring the initial cum was overwhelming until... he proceeded to dive in and motorboat my pussy clit to taint.

With each dive, I just kept on saying "relax relax relax". On the last "relax" is when the cum gates opened and my soul was released.

Ever since that day he EARNED the name “MOUTH OF GOD”.



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